Thursday, February 23, 2006

Laying it down

I rush my work expecting something wonderful to just happen....I fret over my work trying to make something happen.... How do I bring excellence to my craft? I want to live in response to the desire to be creative that God has given me. I want to cultivate my talent responsibly... Is my desire to create self contrived ...Do I have talent? Holy spirit of God, help me, please lift the frustration and fill me with skill, ability and knowledge. I desire excellence in my craft. I offer my work to you Lord for Your glory..May I imitate Christ, the prime artist, for by Him all things were created. Today help me to actively put to rest the strife in my soul. may I peacefully serve You in my craft and in every aspect of who I am ............ thank you Lord for situations that humble me and bring me to You. You are a good Father.

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