Sunday, April 09, 2006

Palm sunday

Hosanna ... means He saves. The crowd was a mix that day. some wanted a warrior king that would lead them against their Roman oppressors, some had heard He was a great prophet and healer. some were in love with the compassionate beautiful man of Jesus Christ. the same people 5 days after His triumphant greeting were willing to crucify him. I do not know how I would have been that day. I only know that today i am thrilled that my Savior came and that He lived a perfect life and died that I might live. Today on Palm Sunday the beginning of holy week we sang Holy Holy Holy. I was reminded of this drawing I did 6 years ago.

I am praying over my writing. I desire so badly to have beautiful writing but I am awkward and somehow miss letters and put in wrong letters. I cannot seem to concentrate ... writing makes me a nervous nelly. Even here I see that i was trying to say your and instead I wrote you.... I wonder what the Lord has in store for me an the lessons I will be learning on this path? Artiscape was great. I appreciate some art styles that I have no desire to replicate. I enjoy the altered art and collage and want to grow in experience with more traditional fine arts like watercolors and acrylics. the book making and journal art is facinating to me.

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