Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sarah and Sarah helped me with glass mosaics for my fall classes. They made candle votives. I used the scraps for a trivet. having kids over to play with materials always helps me decide what I will have the kids do in the fall.

Below is the treasure I unearthed this morning during my search for interesting things on the internet.

"Seize the moment before it's gone,
For another day begins at dawn.
Embrace the night which brings you rest -
Awake and know you did your best.
Fight each fight, and run each race -
It matters not if you win or place.
Seize the moment... you'll be blest,
Then rest assured you passed the test.
For he who tries can never fail,
When God directs the ship we sail.
Seize the moment and hold it clear,
And rise by faith above your fear."
Clay Harrison

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