Saturday, March 31, 2007

painting collage

I made the drawing collage into a painting collage. i hope to shrink it.. Print atcs and tweak a series. I have never copied atcs before. Last year almost all of the atcs I got in trades were just copies. I hope to make the prints each unique. I have about ten individual atcs almost finished. Any comments are welcome (:


Celia said...

Thank you for the compliment on my painting and yes, I do remember you. I check your site often, but have been so busy this year that I haven't taken time to write. Bad me. I hope things are going well with you and I can see that you are being very creative. I always enjoy checking in to see what you have done.

Kari said...

Oh, this is great! What medium did you use? acrylics? How big is it?

I think it is fine to copy it into smaller ATCs. Quality copies with added embellishment is often done, I only do it in swaps where it is part of the remit. Sometimes I mix up photocopies of my art, with drawing or painting on top and even some sewing and embellishments - great for a series.

Anyhoo, this is a great painting, I am so glad to see it transferred into colour.

Kari x

Valerie said...

Thanks for the atc pointers Kari. I am just getting the hang of things. This atc 2 1/2 x3 1/2 in. was made with a mismash of papers that I had scraps of. The green paper is rice paper painted with a glue resist and then flooded with liquid water color. the red is a paste paper. the flower is embossed and textured with tissue paper the center is crystal flakes ...whew whoo knew.

kam said...