Wednesday, April 18, 2007

charms for artiscape

sucess is going from failure to failure with enthusiasm.... Who said that? They should be shot! Last night I had all my charms ready to go. All I had to do is add some embossing enamel. Instead of doing them 2-3 at a time I decided to BURN THEM ALL UP! Hours of work up in smoke ARGHHHHH
Here is my second batch.


Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie!

I think your charms are fabulous! All weekend I admired everyones. I think I really need to join in this swap! Can you help me? I'm not sure where you girls chat about it all. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Jo

(my butterfly project was the gourd-specimen box. Lisa bought it and I think she's going to put it in her shop!)

platitudinal said...

Wow, these are just absolutely beautiful! You are multitalented :)